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Sell Your House Fast North Carolina Vs. Other Options

We are not the only option to sell your North Carolina home. Besides the traditional route, a series of we buy houses companies are all the rage. You can barely pass an intersection without running into some form of “sell your house fast” ads around town. Yet, here we are claiming “we buy houses North Carolina”… just like others! What makes us different? Well, wouldn’t you love to find out?  We’ve drawn a comparison chart to give you an overview of what differentiates us from others. 

Traditional Listing

Other Local Home Buyers

Sell Your House Fast
North Carolina

Average of 5% for realtors commissionHidden chargesno hidden charges and no commissions - what we offer is what you get minus liens and code violationsNo commissions– or hidden costs
Offer varies. You’d encounter flaky buyersOffers aren’t always firm–prone to changeswe do not ask for concessionsSticks to offer through closing
2% closing fees paid by you, the sellerMight charge hidden fees while closingno closing costsNo hidden costs at closing
Sale timeline varies. Closing could take monthsIt variesinstant offer and fast closeWe give an instant cash offer and close in 7 days on average.
Many potential buyers inspect the house. High trafficExamines home after preparing an offer (offer is prone to changes)no heavy traffic buyers streaming throughWe’ll visit once with our contractors and draft a proposal
Repairs negotiated during inspection (mainly the seller’s responsibility)Pays for repairsno repairs and no cleaning and no trash outWe settle all necessary repairs
Buyers determine the closing dateMight struggle to keep up with the closing dateclose on date of your choice to coincide with moving outWe close on any day you decide
Sales can fail anytime because of contingencies Some abandon the agreement due to a lack of fundingno financial contingenciesFinancial and inspection contingency doesn’t affect us
Appraisal affects selling chancesNot neededno appraisals required from a lender as a contigency to closeAppraisal is not necessary

What’s The Best Choice For Selling My North Carolina Home?

It depends on you. As much as we would love to help you, we can’t make this decision on your behalf. Instead, we can help you decide. Hence, to know which option fits best, you have to consider your selling preference. Do you want a quick selling timeline? Or do you mind spending thousands on commissions? Can you deal with uncertainties? If you want a certain, fast, and budget-friendly means of selling your home, you’ve got better chances with us. 

The traditional route is anything but certain and stress-free. To stay ahead of the game in the housing market, you must make considerable repairs, prepare for showings, and wait for reasonable buyers. On the other hand, only a handful of cash buyers are reliable. Some would delay the closing date just to secure financing. It’s also pretty usual to run into double-faced buyers who change their offers while closing. Unfortunately, you’d be stuck with a new lowball offer! 

Sell Your House Fast North Carolina wants you to have a seamless selling experience despite your housing condition. Hence, we focus on providing a firm, reasonable all-cash bid. Upon acceptance,  it will take about 7 days to tie up loose ends and close on the house—no hassle, no commissions, no repairs. We even work with a professional escrow company to handle the closing. That means you don’t have to worry about anything. That’s right, no gimmicks!

Let’s be totally honest; we aren’t always the best option in every circumstance. But are we the excellent choice in your case? Something tells us you are dying to find out! Simply fill out our “sell your house fast” form or speak with our expert at 919-444-8145.

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*Inspection contingency: Buyers can legally halt the selling agreement due to the property’s bad condition.  

* Financing contingency: If a buyer can’t raise the required funds to buy the property,  they can pull out of the sale agreement. 

 Sell Your House Fast North Carolina is a professional cash buyer free from financial and inspection contingencies. When we send a bid for your home, it means we can afford it! So you have nothing to worry about.