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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if we can answer your questions? Of course, we can! We are always pleased to answer any questions about Sell Your House Fast North Carolina. Just send us a mail, or call us directly at 919-444-8145. However, we have compiled a list of questions homeowners ask each time they contact us.

Q: Why should I sell to an investor rather than listing with a realtor?

A: We thought you’d never ask! First, we are real estate investors– not agents- we buy properties at a reasonable price and sell them to make a profit. While we have the same goal as realtors, we are nothing like them. So, homeowners contact us when they need a quick close. Selling to us is a cakewalk. We don’t request cleaning, repairs, commissions, or anything that would translate to stress. We just buy homes as is and avoid the hassle.

Q: Do you offer reasonable prices for property investment?

A: We don’t manufacture cash offers off the top of our heads. There’s a proven formula for calculating our bids (ARV– MINIMUM PROFIT– TRANSACTION COST – REPAIRS = YOUR CASH OFFER). This enables us to prepare only reasonable quotes. But generally, the repairs, selling costs, profit, and market values considerably influence our offer. Hence, we always make a no-obligation bid, so you can contact us for one now. There’s no pressure.

Q: How do you figure out the price of your offer?

A:  Our simple formula for calculating offers is ARV-repairs– profit–selling costs = offer. You must have seen us throw the term ARV around a bit. It simply means After Repairs Value—the price of your home when it’s in a marketable state with all the repairs done. We’ll subtract the cost of repairs, profit, and selling expenses to get a precise bid. Still find this a bit hazy? Check out how we determine the most reasonable price for a home here.

Q: Do you take any commissions or fees?

A: How would you love to sell your house without spending a dime on commissions? That’s precisely what we are offering. Our transactions and services are free. You get to put the full cash offer in your pocket. You don’t even have to pay closing fees!

Q: What Should I Do If My House Is In Bad Shape? Will You Purchase It?

A: Don’t do anything about your property! We’ll buy it in any condition without charging a dime for repairs. We love remodeling homes for new homeowners, so it’s nothing to worry about. The more work, the better.

Q: Who typically sells to Sell Your House Fast North Carolina?

A: Homeowners from all walks of life contact us for help, from purchasing houses to evaluating difficult situations. But all our clients have one thing in common: they want to sell their homes fast to a reliable, professional cash buyer who can pay a reasonable price and close on their schedule. Homeowners sell to us for the following reasons:
  • Need to sell their home fast
  • Going through a divorce
  • Relocation or job loss
  • Behind on payments or looming foreclosure
  • Problem renters
  • Need to move without making any repairs
  • Structural damages
  • And many others

Q: What happens when I submit my information?

A: Our expert will contact you shortly after forwarding your property details. We’ll discuss your home, evaluate the current condition and send you a fair cash offer. When we draft a bid, you have the opportunity to either accept it or reject the proposal. But we are hoping it’s the former!

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