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We Buy Houses in North Carolina

Getting cash for your home is simpler than you think! But only if you sell to the right cash buyer. We buy houses as-is anywhere, anytime! No gimmicks. No Hassle. We buy houses North Carolina.


    We make selling your house fast and easy by buying it as-is. But first, you need to tell us about your home. Complete this contact form to make your seamless selling experience a reality! Alternatively, call us at (919) 444-8145 to speak with our real estate specialists.

    Here’s How Our Proven Process Works

    homebuying process step 1

    Get access to our free consultation by sending us your property details. Do this over the phone: 919-444-8145 or through our simple form!

    homebuying process step 2

    Schedule a meeting to inspect your property in person so we can prepare our cash offer.

    homebuying process step 3

    You’ll receive a reasonable and firm cash offer on your home.

    homebuying process step 4

    We’ll close as soon as 7 days or as slowly as you want. Give us a date, and we’ll hit it.

    What To Expect: Our team works fast to provide an effortless selling process without wasting your time. Hence, it won’t take us more than one hour to examine your property. Got any questions? That’s fine! We’ll answer all your queries patiently. Sometimes, our experts can make an offer on the spot. But at most, you will get our bid within 24 hours. We’ll examine the exterior and interior thoroughly before preparing our quote.

    The Easy Way To Sell Your Home

    hit the easy button the next time you want to sell a house

    People dread the open market for obvious reasons: stress, cost, and time. Most homeowners would gratefully jump on any option that affords a better selling experience. Unfortunately, having to pick from several cash buyers isn’t helping. So, if you need a professional home buyer whom you can trust, you are in the right place. We’ve bought homes as-Is from tons of sellers. 

    We buy North Carolina houses in any condition and any area. When you sell to us, you can kiss commissions, repairs, and showings goodbye. Our process provides a far better way of selling. Contact us for a fair cash offer today. We will visit your home and send you a request. If you accept, it’s all downhill from there. Depending on your preference, we can close fast or slowly! Ultimately, your reasons for selling are inconsequential! We’ve seen it all.

    Our Model For Buying North Carolina Houses

    We’ve bought houses so much that we are experts at making the simple process work. Yet we treat each homeowner exclusively because they are all unique. Once you contact us, we’ll check out your home and draft an offer. You can work on other things while we focus on closing on your home. With us, you won’t break a sweat! 

    Do you find our procedure hazy? You’ve got nothing to worry about. We have a dynamic team of professionals that respond to questions promptly. However, to make it easier, we’ve collected some FAQs below.

    Find answers to these questions below.

    happy family sold their house fast to Sell Your House Fast North Carolina

    Can you describe your process?

    We always opt for the most effortless method when possible. That’s precisely what we did with our selling process. Now, you can benefit from a well-crafted home selling process. Still, find our method hazy? Let’s get into the tidbits. 

    That’s it! You get a no-commitment cash offer and a free consultation!

    sell your home the easy way

    Key details influence our offers

    Our experience buying houses ensures our offers for homes are competitive. Our team has extensive experience, and we know the local NC real estate market. 

    Knowing your property is important and we take our time and effort into drafting a cash offer you can trust. But to avoid lowballing, we need your help! Your answers to the following questions will go a long way.

    Using the answer to these questions as a guide, we’ll prepare a firm bid that suits your home. Despite our vast experience buying houses, every house has peculiarities. Your property’s style, location, and condition are key factors that affect the home’s resellability.

    How do you determine how much we’d pay for your house?

    “How much will I get for my house.” 

    That question is probably running through your mind right now, understandably so. You see a boatload of “we buy houses” ads littering intersections. It’s almost like your home is right in the spotlight, and everyone wants to bid for it. Then it becomes suspicious “… It can’t be that easy!” “It’s either there’s a catch– or they simply want to lowball me!”

    Can we be totally honest with you? Some “we buy houses” want to do just that!– Lowball you. So, we agree, you’ve got to be careful. But we are nothing like that. Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it, so we’ll lay all our cards on the table. 

    For starters, we do our homework before drafting offers! We investigate the cost of houses comparable to yours in the neighborhood. We make estimated repairs, study the neighborhood and ensure we aren’t mumbling random numbers. 

    So, after conducting thorough research, we subtract all the transaction costs from the After repair value to get an accurate quote. Yea, that’s quite abstract, we know. Since we want it to be crystal clear, we’ll paint a scenario. 

    Let’s assume you are planning to sell your North Carolina home. Let’s also assume your neighbor, Frank, has the same house model. However, Frank has invested a lot of money into repairing his house (painted, fixed the plumbing, and worked some rehab magic). 

    A couple of days ago, Frank sold his house for $500 000. But why is Frank so important in this situation? Well, here’s the deal: now we know once we make the same repairs Frank made,  your property will be worth $500 000. Don’t forget that we are buying your house as-is, without any prior repairs.

    By investigating Frank’s selling price, we have discovered that the market value of your house, in an excellent state, is $500 000 (as of a few days ago). Moreover, our contractors will make a precise estimate of how much the repairs will cost. Now, we can draft an offer that works for us, works for you, and hopefully, your situation.

    The formula for our cash offers is:


    (We hope we didn’t lose people who hate Math at this point, but we have to get down to numbers for transparency. Don’t worry; we’ll still make it as simple as possible.)

    Let’s break this down.


    ARV means after repair value. It’s the local retail cost of your home after all repairs have been concluded.


    The cost of fixes or rehab that Sell Your House Fast North Carolina would spend on the house after buying from you.

    Selling Cost

    The selling cost is the transaction cost of buying your home, which amounts to about 15% of the total cost. Some examples are closing costs, holding fees, taxes, and other similar expenses. Note that we won’t request any fees while purchasing your building.

    Minimum Profit

    In the long run, this is still a business. We need to make money– that’s how we can stay in business and care for our family. Our profit is about 15%, but we may end up paying contractors, settling many selling costs and other expenses. However, we try to make our profit as reasonable as possible to satisfy all parties.

    Ultimately, this means we subtract the cost of repairs, selling costs, and profit from the market value (I.e., $500 000 in the illustration) to get a reasonable cash offer! We sure hope that’s crystal clear.

    So, how much can we afford to pay for your property? We bet you’d love to find out. Check it out below…

    What factors affect the quote on your home?

    How long does it take to get paid after selling?

    We work hand in hand with an escrow company to ensure we close fast without any delays. Sometimes, we encounter problems that might cause setbacks. We resolve them quickly to close right on schedule.

    After you accept our bid, we’ll gather all the details necessary for documentation at the escrow company. We’ll also keep on track and be proactive enough to envisage any issue before it escalates. This approach has helped us avoid delays over the years. 

    The escrow company will examine title validity for any errors or concerns. If they discover any, the sale will be paused until the title issue has been sorted. Moreover, while we check the title validity, we may visit the property with our partners and contractors. We’ll also tie loose ends with our financing. 

    Finally, we close in 7 days, and you’ll get paid within 10 days. However, this process can suffer a setback in title-related problems. In such cases, it could take up to 30 days to get finalized.

    If you are convinced you can trust us to buy your home, give us a call now!