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Privacy Policy
Sell Your House Fast North Carolina

What kinds of information do we gather?

We’ll acquire your information when submitting any property form or subscription to our newsletter. With the help of the Google Analytics tool, we gather data like your computer’s IP address, browser, and operating system. This information informs some of our website upgrades to improve user experience. 

We gather and use your personally identifiable data to provide accurate services when required. The personal data includes your name, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Alternatively, you may use our website without revealing your non-public information. 

However, we may share your personal data with third parties when involved in a merger, assignment, acquisition, bankruptcy, or company reorganization. But we’ll notify you of any changes in the company policy. 

What will we do with your data?

We gather your information for business purposes like:

  • Evaluating your home 
  • Draft offers based on your location and the property’s condition 
  • Send you replies to your questions
  • Create proposed transactions

Does our company share any personal data with anyone?

We will never share your non-public data with any external business or organization except in the following situations: :

  1. Under conditions expressly supported by this policy
  2. Any data that Sell Your House Fast North Carolina believes, in good faith, is legally requested by any ordinance, statute, subpoena, court order, decree, or regulation. 
  3. Any information that we must reveal in order to change a misconception, false, or misleading information. 

But we can share your non-personally identifiable information with service providers or advertising agencies for marketing purposes. 

Other information you provide

We also use the details gathered from you to send you specialized ads about services that would interest you. But this will be done with your consent. 

We may also request feedback or testimonials about your experience with us at our discretion. This might include your photo names and your feedback. Often, we display such testimonials on our website for marketing purposes. We may include your messages, e-mails, or conversations in the testimonial. 

Links to other websites

Sell Your House Fast North Carolina website may display links or access to other websites. However, we are not responsible for any information or actions on such websites. We’d advise you to study their policies to discover if your data is safe. Regardless, you may give feedback about these websites on our site. 


Our ads companies may collect private data through the property forms you filled on our website, your transaction with us, or consumer reporting agency, etc. Sell Your House Fast North Carolina will not disclose these data unless with your consent, when legally required, or as provided by this policy. 

We may also reveal your non-public information to affiliate businesses offering similar services, financial institutions with whom we share marketing agreements, or nonaffiliated external parties aiding our service delivery.  

Reading these parties’ privacy policies is necessary so you’d know how your property is being handled. Note that those parties may be located in jurisdictions different from ours or yours. Hence, the laws applicable in their jurisdiction may apply to your data.  


Google Analytics and similar service providers improve our website usage by helping us understand it and enhancing its effectiveness. 

Sell Your House Fast North Carolina and other employed analytics providers use cookies, IP addresses, any anonymous identifier, and other non-public data obtained from your previous visits to the website. Your response to activities like app store views, downloads, page views, user engagement details, and other behavioral metrics would be used to make our site better. 

All this data affects the kind of ads we’ll send you. Each user gets personalized ads based on their activity on our website. We may send you the ads on our website, other sites, or search engine result page. Plus, we use such information to track engagement on our website. However, Google has an add-on to block out the use of google analytics. 

We don’t permit partners or service providers to gather information from our website for personal purposes other than the ones specified in this policy. 

 Google Ads are used on this website.

We send ads with remarketing tools to lure past site visitors back to our website. We focus on visitors who haven’t taken any action on our site. All data collected through cookies will be used per Sell Your House Fast North Carolina’s privacy policy and Google’s. 

The Online Privacy Protection Act is being followed.

We’ve set up safeguards to secure your information from unauthorized access or mishandling. 

If the CCPA applies to you, we’ll comply with the provisions and protect your data. This also means you get access to additional rights like:

Deletion Rights: You can demand the deletion of your personal information we’ve gathered subjected to legal exceptions like the non- U.S, U.S laws and regulations.

Disclosure and access rights: You have the right to request disclosure of all details about how we collect and use personal data over the last 12 months.

Information about yourself, your finances, and your real estate

We are real estate investors. So, we may request non-public information like your location, contact details, name, and property information; sometimes, we request financial details. We won’t release or share this data with anyone unless needed to deliver the services requested. 

Privacy Policy For Online

Our privacy policy applies to data gathered online. It doesn’t include the ones collected offline. 

New Privacy Policy 

Sell Your House Fast North Carolina has the right to change this policy anytime. But we’ll notify you of any changes by posting on our website. We suggest you check out this new policy to understand how it affects your non-public data.

How to contact us?

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us on our page to answer your queries. Reach out to us if you notice an error in the data we collected about you. We’ll change it immediately! Contact us in the following ways:


Phone number: 919-444-8145 

Sell Your House Fast North Carolina. All rights reserved.